FoMaSystems & ARRI

FoMaSystems GmbH specializes in the development and sale of products for the professional film and photography industry. Thanks to our cooperation with well-known international companies, our development team led by Dr.-Ing. Roman Foltyn has years of experience in the fields of software and control technology. We offer professional quality products designed and made in Germany. All of our processes are ISO 9001 certified.

In April 2016, FoMaSystems and ARRI announced the Arri Camera Stabilization Systems (CSS) Division. This new division of Arri’s Camera Systems Unit was a strategic partnership initially created to develop the Arri Trinity. The Arri Trinity is a blend of Arri’s mechanical camera support system for moving cameras and FoMa’s Maxima electronic stabilization technology. This groundbreaking product was such a success that the companies planned for further collaboration employing their individual strengths leading to the development of optimal products for the CSS division.

FoMaSystems is an independent company that will continue to develop and manufacture new CSS products while ARRI is the sole distributor world-wide.

For more information on the CSS product line developed by FoMaSystems and ARRI go to: