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ARRI SRH-3 and the BlackCam Rail System supports now the German Football League DFL.

For the UHD production of the Bundesliga soccer match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich, the ARRI SRH-3 was utilized and mounted on a BlackCam rail system. It was set up along the sideline and spanned a length of 30 meters (approx. 98 ft.), reaching from the coaching zone all the way to the corner flag of the field.

“The compact setup (height: approx. 80 cm or 2’6 ft.) and ARRI’s Stabilized Remote Head made it possible to shoot in UHD quality, allowing us to smoothly switch from wide-angle shots to close-ups. Even the slow-motion playback showcased such steady images that could never have been captured in that way before,” says director Sebastian von Freyberg.